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MCPS of Central PA Maximizes Chamber Networking

Art Lieberman, President of MCPS of Central PA is one of the Susquehanna Valley’s leading credit card processors and when supplying credit card services to a variety of merchants, there are few alternatives to reach the business community better than a local Chamber of Commerce. At 76, Lieberman had discovered Chambers in many other areas in a career which relied on marketing business to business.

In 2000, when MCPS was started, Lieberman joined one of the local Chambers. But a few years later, his company went nationwide, marketing credit card services to RV campgrounds. MCPS for campgrounds joined 15 state and regional trade associations and now services over 600 campgrounds in 46 states.

Then, three years ago Lieberman became the Producer and financial partner for the Courtyard Theater in the Susquehanna Valley Mall, and once again, sought the help that only a Chambers can bring. Almost simultaneously, Lieberman joined the Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber and launched a campaign to utilize the marketing strategies available through membership. He started to do seminars for both chamber members and non-members about the new chip cards, and the terminals that process the cards, which were jointly sponsored by the GSVCC.

He took out advertisements in local papers and last year advertised in this very publication which he chose to do again. He became a member of the prestigious “Chair’s Circle” of the GSVCC and also joined the Central PA Chamber as well. Perhaps, even more importantly, Lieberman began to utilize other member’s services for almost every one of his own company’s needs.

He has purchased promotional items from ON FIRE PROMOTIONS and owner Gregg Troutman has been his go to guy for several years. When carpeting in his office became almost beyond hope he discovered that HEAVEN’S BEST CARPET CLEANING and Chris Pinchak had the solution and the solvent.
Lieberman had processed credit cards for the area’s premiere Italian restaurant LA PRIMAVERA for 16 years, so of course it was Vito Mazzamuto’s eatery where he held several seminars and events.
When he needed an upgrade in business cards or signs for his office, he relied on Heidi Criswell’s HERITAGE PRINTERS in Mifflinburg.
When First National Bank finally removed the vestiges of their bank – the ATM – from New Berlin, Lieberman turned to MIFFLINBURG BANK and is in the process of moving all his banking to one of the area’s most unique “small” but hungry banks. With the help of Brian Neitz, who manages two branches of the bank including the one in New Berlin, that move was completed last month.
Perhaps what seemed like his most unsolvable problem was Lieberman’s famous office – the “yurt” in New Berlin. His tent-like structure had been covered in tree sap, algae, and fungus which had built up for 6 years that no power washing could cure. There was apparently no chamber member that could help. Lieberman discovered a company called DRUMM’S EXTERIOR SOFT WASH on the Internet.  Ty Drumm used biological ingredients which actually dissolved the materials on the roof. In this case, Lieberman got Ty to join the Chamber.
Consequently, not only has membership in the local chambers helped MCPS of Central PA market grow, but utilizing the services of chamber members has solved many of the problems for this fast-growing valley business.

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