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Visit with area wedding professionals that will help you plan your perfect day. Bridal and formal wear, photographers, caters and restaurants, florists, bakeries, limousines, make-up artists, travel agents and more will be on hand to help you with all of your wedding day needs.
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Grand Prize: 4 Day / 3 Night
"Dynamic Vacation"

More Prizes:
  • $1000 Weis Market Gift Card
  • $600 Gift Card Bridal Registry, Inc.
  • $250 Gift Card An Elegant Production
  • $250 Gift Card Feast of Flavor
  • $200 Gift Card Susquehanna Valley Limousine
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    Bridal Fashion Shows

    3:00 p.m. Exclusively You

    Models Hair Designs Provided By:

    Untangled Salon

    Models Make-Up Provided By:

    Mary Kay / Courtney Eck

    Music & Sound Equipment Provided By:

    DJ Big Andy

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    Customize your ceremony to give it a unique touch

    Incorporate some custom elements into the wedding ceremony to give it a unique flair.

    Steeped in tradition, weddings have featured many of the same components for centuries. Those about to tie the knot may feel somewhat limited in their ability to shape their weddings into unique celebrations of their relationships and love for one another. Although it may not seem like there are many opportunities to put your own stamp on the wedding, there are plenty of ways to do just that. When looking to personalize your wedding ceremony, determine if there might be anything blocking you from doing so. For example, if yours will be a religious ceremony, there may be certain rites that need to be followed. Secular ceremonies may offer more opportunities to customize.

    Vows: Vows are one of the easiest ways to put a personal touch on your wedding. You can select the words you want to exchange during the ceremony as well as any readings during the service. Work with your officiant to narrow down particular phrasing or sentiments that fit with your vision of the wedding and relationship.

    Participants: Wedding party members fulfill certain roles during the ceremony, but they are not limited to those tasks alone. Consider asking wedding party members or other friends or family members to take on specialized roles in the wedding. They may be able to do certain readings, escort guests to their seats, light candles, or sing and participate in other ways.

    Musical interludes: Choose music that connects with your personalities as a couple rather than selecting standard songs merely because they are the easier route. Work with the organist or other musicians and request that they perform or play musical pieces that you enjoy.

    Candle lighting: Many couples like to incorporate candle-lighting components to their ceremonies. Lighting unity candles blends two families together into one in a symbolic way. Other couples choose different traditions, such as mixing two different-colored sands in a new vessel, to represent the joining of two lives together. You can consider these types of additions for your wedding ceremony or come up with your own unique tradition.

    Impart a special touch to a wedding ceremony in any number of ways. Doing so will help set this special day apart in the minds of guests and make it even more memorable to look back on as a couple.

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